Olympic Diver Chris Mears is the Latest Dickileaks Victim

Its truly Dicksmas for all of us who are fans of celebrity dick.

Merry Dicksmas everyone!

When The Fappening happened a few years ago celebrities’ lawyers went into overdrive to get the images taken down from a bunch of different websites.

In 2017 we have the male version of The Fappening which I am calling #Dickileaks.

Chris Mears, who won a gold medal in Rio last summer, had a bunch of NSFW photos from Snapchat leak.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a bunch of celebrities have their naked photos end up online. A video popped up on tumblr allegedly showing Tyler Posey jerking off in a private video that may have been sent to his ex-girlfriend Bella Thorn while they dated.

His Teen Wolf co-star Cody Christian had a similar video of himself allegedly leak online. No one has been able to confirm if it was him in the video.  Though, many of his friends have reached out to publications like Hollywood Life to say that Cody is “mortified, embarrassed, and furious over the video leak

Chris Mears is a huge supporter of the LGBT community. He’s been spotted hanging out with fellow Olympian Tom Daley at super gay British nightclub, Heaven and has even DJ’d parties at the club.

Check out some SFW posts of the hottie Olympian below.




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  1. What I would like to know is how these Snapchat videos; A) Get recorded B) How the guys get baited? Assuming they’re straight are these actual girls baiting them who then share the videos or are gay guys pretending to be women on Snapchat and how?


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