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Who is the “Most Valued” Athlete on Social Media?

According to a new ranking by MVPindex & 120 Sports, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson has been named the number one “Most Valued Athletes in Social Media of 2016.”

How did they get to that conclusion? I’ll let The Outside Game explain:

To determine the most valued athletes on social media this year, Chicago-based digital sports network 120 Sports collaborated with industry-leading social measurement and valuation platform MVP index to rank athletes using a proprietary algorithm that evaluates all of their social activity throughout the past year. The ranking combines three separate scores: Reach (fans, followers, impressions), Engagement (likes, comments, shares, retweets, favorites) and Conversation (positive/negative mentions).

I was actually surprised that DangeRUSS Wilson was #1. I’m not surprised by Odell Beckham Jr. and JJ Watt coming in as the next two most valuable athletes on social media.

Here’s the Top 25:

Russell Wilson (NFL)
Odell Beckham Jr. (NFL)
J.J. Watt (NFL)
Rory McIlroy (PGA TOUR)
Conor McGregor (UFC)
LeBron James (NBA)
Tiger Woods (PGA TOUR)
Richard Sherman (NFL)
Tom Brady (NFL)
Rob Gronkowski (NFL)
Stephen Curry (NBA)
Antonio Brown (NFL)
Jeremy Lin (NBA)
Robinson Cano (MLB)
Alex Morgan (US Soccer)
Serena Williams (WTA)
Cam Newton (NFL)
Ronda Rousey (UFC)
Mike Trout (MLB)
Jeff Gordon (NASCAR)
Kevin Durant (NBA)
Hope Solo (US Soccer)
Dwayne Wade (NBA)
Dez Bryant (NFL)
Kerri Walsh Jennings (AVP)

Who do you think is missing? Let us know in the comments.

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