Even Andy Cohen Thinks Chargers Move To LA Is Awful

The San Diego Chargers announced that they will officially be moving to Los Angeles. It’s an announcement that shocked no one because NFL fans knew that it was coming.  Los Angeles had been the city that every team that wanted a new stadium flirted with. The Rams, Raiders and Chargers all abandoned Los Angeles throughout their history then flirted with coming back.

Bravo’s Andy Cohen was taking questions on Twitter and the St Louis Cardinals fan answered a question about the Bolts bolting back to LA.

Andy is totally right. People in LA just don’t care about the Rams. The team had better TV ratings in St. Louis than they did in their second inaugural season in Los Angeles. What is going to make people in LA want to care about the Chargers? They are terrible. They started in Los Angeles and moved to San Diego.

When the Rams moved back to Los Angeles there were many Rams fans that were happy that the franchise was making a return and building a brand new stadium in Inglewood. Many in Los Angeles shrugged and went back to rooting for their favorite teams and not the Rams. The Rams are bad. The Chargers are also bad. This is really bad for the NFL in the short term.

Both teams now have to make people in Los Angeles care about their team. Which means they have to start winning. The Chargers are taking a huge financial hit in ticket sales.

The team is moving into stadium that only has 30,000 seats to sell and will end up losing $70 million in ticket sales over the next two seasons. That’s how desperately the Chargers wanted to leave San Diego.

What do you think about the Chargers moving to LA? Let us know in the comments.




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