So Is “Will & Grace” Coming Back or What?

In what could be called the most-prolonged cocktease from the cast of a defunct early-2000s sitcom, “Will and Grace” is most definitely coming back. Maybe.

Leslie Jordan, who played diminutive most-definitely-not-gay-but-totally-was-by-the-final-season Beverly Leslie, told a radio station in San Diego that it’s happening.

 “They have ordered 10 episodes,” Leslie told KPBS. “It will be for next season. And they will add the guest cast.”

If this sounds familiar, that’s because it happened earlier this year, when the cast reunited for one of those “Hollywood talks politics” bits that apparently went over so well in the “real America,” a smallish plurality of the country stood up and voted for Donald Trump anyway.

Still, “Will & Grace” was a show that changed the national conversation on being gay. For something that was considered taboo (anyone remember that “Roseanne” where Roseanne Conner made out with Mariel Hemingway at a lesbian bar called Lips?), it was a game-changer. Even Ellen DeGeneres, whose talk show counts amongst its viewers my racist and borderline homophobic father, was persona non grata in most of Hollywood after coming up on her ’90s ABC sitcom. But there was something about “Will & Grace” that made gay humor, at least in the context of a broadcast network sitcom, mainstream.

So what will “Will & Grace” tackle in its next go-around, presuming Beverly Leslie is correct?

Will Rosario be back?

Will Jack’s cute son make an appearance?

Will Will continue to be kind of insufferable?

We’ll see.


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