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R.I.P David Barton Gyms 1992-2016

2016 has claimed yet another death and this time it is the beloved gay-friendly gym chain David Barton Gym.



Despite celebrity clientele and cool locations like former church/former Limelight club, the gym chain couldn’t survive the onslaught of new Equinox locations, boutique chains, and the cult of Crossfit. Last night David Barton Gyms quickly, and quietly closed all of their locations leaving members in the lurch. The DBG Twitter account has made no mention of this but maybe that employee was also shit canned.

David Barton, the short, muscled, sexually fluid gym impresario, actually  left the gym chain he started back in 2013 and has since opened TMPL in Hell’s Kitchen. The overnight shutdown left bewildered members without a place to workout and a steam room to cruise.

David Barton

Hopefully employees can bounce back and find new jobs after this abrupt closure and any former David Barton members looking to join Equinox (shameless plug) can feel free to use my referral link.

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