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Here Are All The New Emoji’s

If you installed the lasted iOS update, 10.2 you probably noticed a slew of new emoji and if you didn’t you’re probably wondering what’s up with those ? boxes when your friend texts you. Let’s run down some of the additions and find new ways to say dick with cartoon character symbols.

When the usual “laughing with tears rolling down the face” emoji isn’t enough the Rolling on the Floor Laughing (ROFL) is the perfect way to say “That meme was just so funny I can’t” or a nasty way to turn down a date proposal.ROFL.JPG

Clown Face is the perfect way to say “I’m just joking around” or “I’m going to kill you while you sleep”.


Drooling Face looks stoned and scared or euphoric depending which OS you’re using. This is for perfect for the late night “bruh it’s burrito time” texts.


Nauseated face could follow drooling face after you’ve eaten or smoked too much and be followed up with sneezing face.



The Prince emoji is the male counterpart to the Princess and more like Joffrey than the “Purple One”. The Samsung version seems more Renly than Joffrey though.


The I’m Watching Westworld emoji.


Guy in Tux + Selfie emoji = Facepalm


There are lots of new Bro-mojis like the “call me” (which I think is more hang 10), fist bumps, whiskey, and finally bacon!



You no longer need to rely on eggplants and bananas for your phallic replacements since there are a slew of new sex-symbols to choose from. Apple messes up the cucumber-as-penis by chopping it and the rest look like diseased dicks but they still do the trick.


There’s also a carrot now, peanuts, spoon, or squid if you’re using your imagination and croissant for those flaky curved cocks. The canoe is perfect for our straight bro’s talking about clitoris (I think that’s the clit I don’t know about women).




Lady parts? Got me.


The wrestlerscartwheel, and boxing glove are great ways to represent some adventurous, athletic sex and the black heart, wilted flowers, and third place medals are the perfect way to say “forever alone”.


The juggler is a cross between look how many fucks I give and yeah I can handle this many balls at once.


I guess those are the big ones?


Let us know what you think of these additions and what your favorite emoji euphemisms for sex are.



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