Hot Guys

Chris Salvatore: Hot Humanitarian

As the holidays approach, why not share something that combines the best of humanity with a little eye candy? (Okay, the latter part is incidental here, but we can’t NOT address the issue at hand.)

Out actor Chris Salvatore is making headlines for his unlikely friendship with an elderly woman.

To read the GoFundMe page Chris set up for his new best friend, Norma (and raised more than $50,000 for her care,) you learn how the two bonded after a chance meeting in their West Hollywood apartment complex.

Norma and I became best friends. I would help her cook meals, drive her to the doctors, banks, pharmacies and even just recently I got the amazing experience to accompany her to vote. We had such a blast these past few years filled with so much joy and laughter. She is now 89 years old and sadly within the last 6 months her health has began to decline at an increasing rate.

Incredibly selfless, totally thoughtful, and also, really, really sexy.

I suppose the sweet story behind this post might be lost a bit if we focus on Chris Salvatore’s proclivity to bare all (even if at times, it’s in the name of good causes like the NoH8 campaign.)

So, for fairness, we’ll just link you to where you can see Chris in the buff, including his Instagram. We won’t force it upon you. Just know, we have your back. And his butt.


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