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‘Vikings’ Star Travis Fimmel Pranks Hoda & Kathy Lee

Travis Fimmel is fantastic on History’s “Viking” series. He’s also a bit of a prankster. Hoda & Kathy Lee had him on the show this morning to throw back a couple bottles of Pinot Grigio promote the new season of the show.

A fun way to spice up these morning show interviews they decided to have him go fishing for questions for him to answer.

Penut Butter or Jelly? (obvs both smashed together)

Vanilla or Chocolate? (Chocolate. duh!)

His next question was supposed to be action or comedy but he said this… watch below…

When I first heard the questions I was like, wait if Travis Fimmel gay? Then I realized that he was pranking Hoda and Kathy Lee.

I’m just curious as to why he was not seated in this position during the entire interview?



I’ll always go with Aussies over Americans. What do you like better? Aussies or American men? Let us know in the comments.

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