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Stephen Colbert Is An Ass Man

Like many of you, I was curled up in the fetal position throughout the parts of election night, except when I refilled my wine glass…several times. And because I steal an HBO GO password, and not a Showtime Anywhere login (which is a thing,) I missed Stephen Colbert’s election night special that aired on Showtime (CBS had that pesky news thing to take care of.)

Only now did I realize how much Colbert REALLY took advantage of the fact it was a cable-only production. Meet Daniel (caution: butt GIFs ahead.)

I wonder how the Colbert Report’s super conservative Stephen Colbert would react to the real Colbert slapping that ass? And the line he delivered afterwards was just amazing.

“I could bounce a quarter off his ass, and get two dimes and a nickel right back.”

Using my investigative skills, I found out this guy’s name is Dan Dexter, he’s a model (legitimately so, natch,) and you can check out his body of work here.

Hey, at least we got something good out of this election, right?

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