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How Bryce Harper Is Spending His Offseason?

Bryce Harper, he of the amazing hair and incredible body…of work stole our hearts and won the title of National League Rookie of the Year back in 2012. His Nationals have been a huge disappointment in the playoffs, but he does well for himself.

Three years later, Cubs’ stud Kris Bryant slugged his way to the same honor, but followed his rookie year up with the NL MVP and that World Series ring.

Bryce’s consolation prize? He’s now a Jaguar spokesmodel.


If I’m a Nationals fan, I don’t see much of a silver lining here. They’ve been consistently lacking when it comes to, you know, winning in the playoffs. Also, consider that most baseball observers think Harper will be wearing pinstripes when his contract runs out after the 2018 season and is expected to command a $500 million payday. You’ve gotta figure Nats fans will want something to remember Bryce by, aside from his nude ESPN Body Issue pictorial.

That said, Harper is the last one you could call a slacker, and he crushes the look in that finely tailored suit.

The question is, will ever get a ring to accessorize it with?

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