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President Lex Luthor vs. President Trump

Let's look at how President Lex Luthor from the Superman comics to see how that panned out.

A billionaire businessman is elected President of the United States on a platform of technological progress, criticism of the current administration, and mistrust of certain groups. I’m not talking about President-Elect Donald J. Trump but fictional President Alexander “Lex” Luthor, who served as POTUS of the DC Universe United States from 2001-2003.

What parallels do Luthor and Trump have besides their giant egos and penchant for putting their names on their towers?


While President Luthor was a actually a member of the Legion of Doom, President-Elect Trump’s cabinet suggestions seem like they would fit right in with those supervillains. Surprisingly Luthor cabinet was mostly moderate, including Vice-President Pete Ross who was Clark Kent’s childhood friend. Rounding out the cabinet was Lois Lane’s father General Sam Lane, superhero Black Lightning, and Amanda Waller, who was recently featured in the Suicide Squad movie.

Names being thrown around for Trump’s cabinet include possible Penguin stand-in Chris Christie, joker Rudy Giuliani, and the poison ivy known as Sarah Palin.


President Luthor was elected in part for his criticism of the previous administration’s handling of the Gotham City earthquake but the Luthor administration did such a poor job rebuilding Gotham City that Wayne Enterprises severed all their US government contracts.

Donald Trump has criticized the Obama administration’s  handling of crises in Syria and the Middle East,  but it’s too soon to tell if the Trump administration will be more successful at creating peace.

Unlike President-Elect Trump’s stance on energy President Luthor banned fossil-based fuels and promised “a flying car in every garage”. Again it’s too soon to tell how “green” Trump will be as President but he’s said he would dissolve the EPA and promised to increase our coal energy production.

President Luthor was a surprisingly good Commander-in-Chief and rallied Earth’s defenses against an alien invasion during the Our Worlds At War story line, except it was later revealed he had prior knowledge of the attach and allowed it to happen.

Trump has said he would increase defense spending, possibly by de-funding the Environmental Protection Agency and trimming federal workers.

Hackman’s Luthor hung out in the Oval Office but wasn’t actually elected.

Superman and Batman eventually teamed-up to take down a Kryptonite-powered President Luthor, wearing a battle suit from Apokolips. Hard to say if Trump will go power-mad after injecting himself with an alien substance but it seems unlikely.

*Hat not originally in comic art

The TV show Smallville and the Justice League Unlimited cartoon even touched on a Luthor Presidency. In an alternate reality episode of the Justice League Unlimited cartoon,  titled Lords of Justice, Superman is so disgusted with the corrupt President Luthor that he goes rogue and incinerates Lex with his heat vision. That’s one way of cutting through Executive branch red tape but I don’t recommend it.

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