Here Are Some Hot Cubs Fans Celebrating The World Series

Everyone loves a winning team but everyone really loves the winning team’s hot fans. Enjoy some of our favorite Cubbies.

I cried with every run scored in extra innings and every strike thrown. Enjoy the dry spell #cleveland

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It used to say Game 7, now it says world series champions! #intears #WorldChampions #cubsworldseries2016

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I swear it says "World Series Champions" behind that flag. #Ross

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#ItHappened What a beautiful time to be alive! #FlyTheW #WorldSeries

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A once a century type of night #cubs #flythew

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Via Chicago Tribune


L to R Nicholas Pappas, Dr. Stephanie Rogers, and Brad Miller. Via

Eugene and Spencer from Walking Dead are living for the Cubs win!


Can’t find a better fan than Eddie Vedder!

Eddie with a fan last night at Progressive Field in Cleveland,Ohio. #pearljam#eddievedder #cubs#worldseries

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…Except for Bill Murray. Congrats to the Cubs!



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