Why You Should Be Ashamed For Looking At Ben Cohen’s Dong

I’m taking a contrarian view on this. When JockPop staff alerted me to the revelation of a jackoff video of rugby star Ben Cohen surfaced, I was psyched.


I mean, here’s a guy who’s bared (most) of his incredible body, as European rugby starts often tend to do (I mean, have you seen the Dieux du Stade calendars of French ruggers?)

Yes, we’ve enjoyed his scantily-clad photos. Yes, we’ve often wondered what was behind those briefs. Yes, he’s an icon. And as he’s proven, he’s a humanitarian. He started an entire foundation based upon the premise of stopping bullying, especially against the LGBTQ community. He’s been one of the few athletes that’s been unabashedly pro-gay, even as he like to remind us all, he’s a staunch hetero. In the world of rugby and European athletics, he’s been out front about equality. But since he’s playing there and not in the NFL, no one across the pond outside of the LGBTQ community is paying much attention. Remember Michael Sam? Of course you do. And what’s he doing now? After all, as Odell Beckham Jr. reminded us of a while back, the NFL is about as accepting as the Westboro Baptist Church.

So here’s where Ben Cohen comes in. I looked at our piece (on Ben Cohen, get your mind out of the gutter) and clicked the link to see the NSFW video. I watched about ten seconds, and realized something. Yeah, this guy clearly violated the cardinal rule of dick pics, which is, just don’t take them. And yeah, I know the Jockpop staff (myself included) has done so as well (I haven’t seen any of theirs). But this wasn’t a case of them just casually leaking out. In this case, it seems as though the other party, a woman who is pleasuring herself with a dildo (though conclusively NOT the one we saw in Buffalo), saved the video and shared it – or else it was a hack.

Read the British tabloids and you’ll realize he’s devastated. He’s furious. Whatever you want to call it. Bottom line is, he’s already reached out to blogs like OMGBlog to have the stills and video removed.

So considering what this guy has done for our community, I’m suggesting we give this one a pass. There are millions and millions of dicks floating around on the internet, and I know mine is included, so let’s leave Ben Cohen alone as a silent act of gratitude for his outspokenness. Watching a video that wasn’t intended for public consumption almost feels like bullying to me, which goes against the spirit and the lengths of which Ben Cohen has gone to bad for us.

Always interested in your thoughts….

One comment

  1. I agree. I watched, didn’t think the quality was great, and was like yeah he’s sexy as I thought. Is his penis the magical unicorn I had hoped it would be? No it’s just a nice looking schlong and I feel bad that he’s embarrased over this.

    Going forward I hope instead of the “celebrities shouldn’t record themselves” finger wagging, people would have the decency not to release these vids. If you’re lucky enough to sex cam with a celebrity, by all means brag to your friends but keep the video in your private vault.


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