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ICYMI: Silver Surfer in NYC

This week Norrin Radd himself, the Silver Surfer, was spotted cruising through the streets of New York City. Actually this herald of hotness was prankster, skater, and nearly naked stud Jesse Wellens who transformed into the Silver Surfer with the help of makeup artist Alexys Fleming.


Here’s a behind the scenes video of Jesse getting painted that is unfortunately SFW.


Hopefully this isn’t a sign that Galactus is on his way to devour our planet or that another shitty Fantastic Four movie is on the way.

When he’s not painted Jesse hangs out with Snoop Dogg and just looks generally hot on Instagram.

View this post on Instagram

In Paradise. [📷 @jeanapvp ]

A post shared by Jesse Wellens (@jessewelle) on

Bodypainted into Negan. I’d like to meet the business end of his bat.

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