HBO is Giving Us Lots of Dick on ‘Westworld’

A brief dickcussion of last night's well-endowed Westworld on HBO. Westworld Episode 5: The Wang Seen'Round the World

HBO’s new show Westworld continues to push the boundaries of what is humanity, reality, and how much nudity cable TV can handle. The robotic hosts are cannon fodder for gun fights and sex machines, so they’re often shown being repaired after their adventures in the wild wild Westworld.

Last night’s episode, Contrapasso, featured numerous orgies and one very memorable robot that could host numerous guests on his party-sized hero. I imagine the engineers make a variety of hosts to suit all desires and requests but this particular actor has only his parents to thank for his considerable¬†endowments.

Click here for the uncensored version.

Also in this episode, the Man in Black continues his quest to unlock the maze and Dolores could bring about the destruction of Westworld. Also Dolores gets to wear pants and shoot some soldiers as she helps William and Logan hold up a¬†conestoga. Maeve, aka Hooker Mary Poppins, is also continuing her quest towards self-awareness while James Marsden’s lovable Teddy seems blissfully unware he’s not a real boy.

There are still so many burning unanswered questions such as what’s the Man in Black’s agenda, what are the mysterious circumstances surrounding Arnold’s death, and can the hosts get STDs?

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