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World Series Game 4: Kipnis All Over

This is Jason Kipnis’ world. We are just living in it. And I’m cool with that. This three-run shot broke things wide open in last night’s World Series Game 4, and put the Cleveland Indians on the precipice of winning the whole damn thing tonight. And the irony: Kipnis grew up as a Cubs fans, and probably dreamed about doing this – just in a Cubs jersey.

I haven’t paid much attention to the Indians through the years. Hell, you haven’t either. But to the ladies (and gents) of Cleveland, they’ve been quite aware of Kipnis through the years – and not just on the field. I came across this Pinterest page, aptly titled “Sexy Kipnis,” and for that, we should thank her. The smile. The hair. The body. Yes.

(I almost prefer him with the stubble in pic number 3 vs. the full beard, but he’s fun to look at either way.)

So by Monday, this could all be over. If the Indians can win one more at Wrigley, not only will it ensure their title drought ends, it prolongs the misery for Cubs fans, like this beard.

Though, if you know any Cleveland fans in your life, be prepared. If you thought they got a bit insufferable after the Cavs won the NBA title, it can only get worse from here.

Then again, the Browns can’t even win A GAME, so at least we all have that.

Happy Sunday, boys.


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