Sundays Are For The Gronkowski’s

69 Shades of Gronk. A dildo, a luxury box and Rob Gronkowski's 69th touchdown.

It’s happened! Gronk scored his 69th touchdown with the Patriots. Everything that followed was glorious.


Let’s review what transpired in Buffalo today, as the Patriots rolled over the Bills, 41-25. The Pats avenged the Bills’ win earlier this season over a Brady-less New England squad but the #BillsMafia had a lot of fun.

1. Someone tossed a dildo on the field.

This is why I’ll miss Vine, but we have a few more for you here

2. After joking about being on the cusp of TD #69 last week, Gronk sealed the deal. His family celebrated appropriately, because they’re Gronkowskis, goddamnit.

Nothing says being a Gronkowski more than a luxury suite filled with adults chanting 69.

3. Combining numbers 1 and 2… the media asked Gronk about the dildo after the game. His response: hilarious. The reaction: a bit uncertain. 

I love how you can hear the Patriots’ PR flack saying “we’ll leave it there, guys.”

Gronk is unflappable.

Let’s be honest: if there’s anyone that can save the NFL, it’s Rob Gronkowski. You might hate the Patriots (and you probably should), but man, is this guy gold or what?

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