World Series Game 2: Jake Does It With His Clothes On

What more can you say about Jake Arrieta? He’s insane. Almost six innings of no-hit baseball on the mound, which hasn’t been seen in a World Series game in 47 years, and a lot of this:

I know a lot of Orioles fans, and every time Arrieta pulls something like this, I like to remind them the team gave up on Arrieta and traded him away a few years ago. The rest is history.

Also, Joe Buck is this close from openly proclaiming his love for Kyle Schwarber. (Which we’re cool with. You do you, Joe. You got those hair plugs for a reason.) Schwarber went 2-for-4 with a pair of RBIs, which happened to be his first RBIs of the 2016 season.

Can you imagine being in Chicago on Friday night for Game 3? It’s going to be ridiculous, and the fact that the Cubs could theoretically pull off three straight and clinch at Wrigley, makes Chicago the epicenter of the sports world for the next couple of days.

But, back to Jake for a second….give the guys some props for posing for ESPN’s Body Issue this year.

And as a guy who is definitely NOT an MLB pitcher, I was curious what he did to get ripped. Surprisingly, it’s the same thing your mom spend hundreds of dollars trying to get into but gave up on it within about a week: Pilates.

It almost seems like a no-brainer. But then again, I’m like most of you: zero willpower. I’ll just look at Jake’s ESPN spread (heh) and wonder “what if?”, knowing “I probably won’t.”

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