Washington DC Bars and Restaurants Dump Yuengling Over Trump Endorsement

A growing number of bars have decided to boycott the beer after the owner endorsed Donald Trump.

A bunch of DC bars and restaurants are boycotting Yuengling after the owner of the brewery endorsed Donald Trump.

Local establishments are lashing out at Yuengling’s pockets following the brewery’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

On Monday D.G. Yuengling & Son owner Dick Yuengling escorted Trump’s son, Eric Trump, on a tour of the Yuengling brewery in Pottsville, Penn. during a campaign stop for his father.

“My father’s going to make it a lot easier for business to function. We’re going to do it right here in the U.S.,” Trump said in a news conference.

The great-great grandson of the brewery’s founder thanked Trump during his visit saying, “Our guys are behind your father. We need him in there,” the Reading Eagle reports.

The list of bars that have boycotted the beer has grown as the day has gone on.

Here’s a list of bars in DC that have ditched the beer. We’ll update this list as we get more info. (H/T Dito)

JR’S: No Yuengling!

DITO’S: No Yuengling!

TOWN: No Yuengling!

TRADE: No Yuengling!

ANNIE’S: No Yuengling!

COBALT: No Yuengling!

STONEY’S: No Yuengling!

LEVEL ONE: No Yuengling!

NUMBER 9: No Yuengling!

18th & DUPLEX: No Yuengling!


Annie’s Paramount Steakhouse sent back their order of the beer as it was being delivered.

H/T Washington Blade


  1. Send more down south as we deplorables are acquiring a taste for this great beverage.
    After the election you will be begging for it, just to get the taste of the DIKIWEAKS out of your mouth.


  2. Does anyone think 12 bars in DC are really going to affect a Billion Dollar Business?

    Would 200 patrons not visiting 1 one of these bars have a more profound affect. Think about that math….

    One more thought whatever happened to freedom speech, does Dick deserve this as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I don’t drink beer but I may just go and buy a case in support of the brewery supporting trump and American jobs, to hell with these commie assholes that want to stifle political free choice because they are unhappy a free person decided to endorse Trump instead of Crooked Hilary?


  4. Last Chance Defense Company LLC joins Yuengling in Endorsing Trump. We are a gun safe company. I seriously doubt that I would get her support anyway…..another politician that fails to realize that you cannot legislate morality. That taking away peoples rights to self defense only allows those with more physical strength to be able to abuse others. Female’s, elderly, and physically disabled all can become victims without the second amendment. Semper Fidelis.

    Bill LeBlanc
    CEO and Owner


  5. Whats sad is that a business feels it should endorse a Candidate…should Mr Yuengling choose to vote for Trump that is his right, but it should end there and not enter his place of business. I have actually seen churches with signs endorsing Candidates… which is funny…I am prone to think the Minister chose this and not God.


  6. Wow. Can’t wait to see trump get elected and America go on the toilet. Your guys politics are absolutely ridiculous. America – the has been.


  7. Patrons should BOYCOTT these bars and I bet they bring Yuengling back in a FLASH! Businesses should keep their political views out of our pockets. This is not the forum to voice your opinion. Boycott, boycott, boycott these bars.


  8. I’m pretty certain that all of you supposed boycotting the bars have never even been there. Kind of useless to boycott someplace you’ve never been to. Dumbasses!


  9. There are so many great beers in the market nowadays that it is no hardship for me to abandon Yuengling which has always been the main beer in my house. What a stupid move by the Yuengling owner!


  10. Asked for a lager on tap this weekend. Waiter apologized and said they only had Yuenling and discouraged me from ordering it. I complied. This seems to be more than a consumer boycott.


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