Hot Guys

The Hottest Guys We’ll Miss From Vine

So Twitter just put Vine out of it’s misery. Vine was fun but I never really got into it. Sure, there were hot guys to look at and bootleg sports highlights to use in blog posts… but the service never really caught on like Instagram or Snapchat.

Here’s a list of the hot guys from Vine that we will miss. Enjoy this #ThirstyThursday post.

The Miuccio Brothers

I don’t think I need to explain much more than this Vine. We’ll miss them but you can always find them on almost EVERY OTHER social network out there.

Tumblr / Vin on IG / Nick on IG / Joey on IG



Brian Rice

He’s a straight bro who lives in Chicago. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing when he posted this Vine. He has some great moves. He also likes pulling pranks in the locker room.

Follow him on Insta

Merry Christmas to us ALL.


Sebi is a model and a “musician” He also works out. We’ll miss you on Vine… But of course has a huge Instafollowing.


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