World Series Game 1: Kyle Schwarber and Purple Pizzazz

So, they didn’t #FlyTheW in Cleveland tonight.

The World Series kicked off with a lopsided 6-0 win for the Indians over the Cubs in Cleveland, thanks to the heroics of previously unheralded catcher Roberto Perez, who hit a pair of homers, including this solo shot that you can watch again and again in GIF form off of Cubs’ pitcher Jon Lester.

Still, Cubs fans got a nice surprise when the team announced earlier in the day that outfielder Kyle Schwarber would return to action after a brutal knee injury a week into the season. He DH’ed, going 1-for-3. Not incredibly remarkable, but it reminded me of last postseason, when Schwarber became a legend for smashing a homer onto the top of the Wrigley Park scoreboard (where the ball remains for eternity, now protected beneath a plexiglass box.)

Days afterward, Deadspin unearthed a video that forever proved how versatile Kyle Schwarber could be. Not only was he a bonafide stud on the field, but apparently, he could move rhythmically whilst wearing his finest winter white suit. (There was always something adorable about the jocks who didn’t mind hanging with the theatre crowd in high school.)

We present to you, back by popular demand, Kyle Schwarber’s foray into the world of show choir, the aptly named “Purple Pizzazz” group at Middletown High School outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. (Watch carefully, and you’ll see him in the center of the male group.)


(But seriously, I hope they burned those suits, which look like something out of the Steve Harvey collection. And I’m glad the baseball thing worked out for Kyle.)


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