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Ellen Uses Strippers To Pick World Series Winner

After watching this clip from Ellen I am totally rooting for the Cubs to win because the stripper she got is 🔥🔥🔥.

The Ellen Show is getting in on the fun of picking who will win the World Series. I’m personally going to root for the Cubs.

After watching this clip from Ellen I am totally rooting for the Cubs to win because the stripper she got is 🔥🔥🔥.

Instead of having an Otter or elephant at a zoo pick who would win the World Series, Ellen gave everyone in the audience a dollar bill to stuff down the baseball pants of the strippers as they gyrated around the audience.

Whichever stripper collected the most cash was named the winner! In all seriousness tho, the real winners are you and me for getting to see these guys dance for a SAG-AFTRA card couple of bucks.

You can watch the full clip at the bottom of the post, But let’s take a journey with GIFs on this incredibly entertaining episode of daytime television.


These guys were ready to take command of the stage and compete in daytime TV’s hottest new game show… “Dolla Bill Baseball” First of all… look at that wide stance that Logan has. He’s the one in the grey pants. I don’t think his name is Logan but it sounds like a good Sean Cody stripper name.



Look at these thirsty housewives in the crowd. Imagine being a straight married couple in the audience and your wife dragged you to this show. I really wish we had seen some suburban dad from Iowa get a lap dance.



My boy Tyler, not his real name, representing the Chicago Cubs is all tatted up and his hips DO NOT LIE. Look at him! Look at Ellen’s face with those moves. You know she is thinking this is hilarious.


Both Logan AND Tyler have some good moves in this series of cutaways. Take me now. Take me.


Ellen is laughing all the way to the bank. She also gave bored housewives at home hotflashes and a reason to sneak away upstairs and rub one out. Good work, Ellen.

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