Aaron Schock Comes Out Of Hiding

Our favorite flaming heterosexual has come out of hiding and is back in Instagram.

Rejoice! My Steamworks husband has come out of hiding! 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Washington’s favorite flaming heterosexual on Instagram. It’s been since 2015 to be exact. 

The last time he posted was in 2015 with these folks. 

A couple of things: 

  1. Why is he not wearing his white belt?
  2. Did Jonathon take this photo of him? 
  3. Why has he been hiding? 
  4. Has he started his PrEP regiment yet?

The former Former GOP representative has been living out of the spotlight since he resigned from Congress for ethics violations and turning his office into a set from Downton Abbey. 

Word on the street is the single bachelor has moved from his naitive Illinois for the totally straight suburban enclave of West Hollywood. 


If you want to move to LA that’s cool. If you’ve been dodging gay rumors and want to get back into politics don’t move to WeHo. Do you know how fast word spreads amongst the WeHo gays? Fast. I’m pretty sure there is a group text everyone is on so everyone can keep up with the gossip

What’s strange is that there have not been any sightings of Mr. Schock taking a class at Barry’s Bootcamp, spinning at SoulCycle or being brotastic at CrossFit. I’m sure Aaron belongs to Equinox because he’s classy. He’d never be caught DEAD at an LA Fitness or something of that stature. 

I can confirm that the Equinox in West Hollywood is really nice. I was given a guest pass to go there the last time I was in Los Angeles. I wonder if he’s enjoyed the steam room? It’s very relaxing. 

I’m hoping we get to see some more of Aaron in the coming days. We’ve missed you. 

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