Hot Guys

The Hottest Guys From #SAFTB

Do you read Barstool Sports? If you’ve never heard of the site it’s a place where you get a lot of sharable news and the guys that work there are incredibly broey and entertaining.

They are basically a bunch of straight guys who like writing about watercooler news and a lot of sports. One of their signature sayings has become a movement on the interwebs. #SAFTB. Saturday’s Are For The Boys. It’s a hashtag that a lot of guys use to show off what they are doing on Saturday’s in hopes that they will get featured on the site. It’s given us some nice eye candy to look at.

While I was putting some of these together I was thinking… what would the Gay Bromo version of this be? Sunday’s Are For The Brunch? Let me know what you think our hashtag should be on Sunday’s in the comments. Now just enjoy some cute guys.


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Crafty brews and corn hole #saftb

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