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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Hunk Hates Sleeves

I'd like to buy a vowel, and also, I'd like you to take your shirt off.

The assignment from the bosses here at JockPop was pretty simple.

JP: “You watching ‘Wheel of Fortune?”
Me: “No. I’m not 80.”
JP: “Turn it on.”
Me: “Is it even still on the air?”
JP: “Just find it. Now.”
Me: (as I reluctantly flip through) “I don’t get — wait, wut?”

Of course, we’re talking about Andrew from Staten Island, the jacked bro who deftly solved brain busting puzzles like “TAKING THE FERRY.” He’s really a modern-day folk hero. But the task: unlike any I’ve ever had involving a game show contestant.

“There’s gotta be shirtless pics of him somewhere, right?”

Look, when you carry yourself as a guy from Staten Island, invariably, you’re going to keep some secrets beneath that shirt you picked up at Express for senior prom. You just KNEW he was one step beneath “Jersey Shore,” with just enough brain cells to know you never waste $250 on a vowel unless you really need help solving “J_NGLE J__CE.”

So here’s what I’ve learned about Andrew through my sources:

  • His full name is Andrew Fischer. (As revealed on the show)
  • He’s 30 years old.
  • He is a “sales consultant” with AT&T.
  • Being on “Wheel of Fortune” was a dream he talked about with his girlfriend when the two of them worked at Starbucks.
  • Hates sleeves (and shirts, when applicable.)

And yes, I’ve uncovered him…uncovered. Investigative skills at work. (Or his girlfriend just likes to overshare on Facebook. I don’t care, I’m not mad about it, and she shouldn’t be, either.)

For years, “The Price Is Right” is where the bros went. During spring break, you’re good for at least one hot guy to come on down. It’s good to see Pat and Vanna getting on that level.


What do YOU think of Andrew and his hatred of sleeves?

Look how much fun that rope is having! Also… DEM ARMS!
Look at that tire… and his adorable smile!

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