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Lunch Links: Cubs, Billy Bush, NFL Ratings Down, Big Dick Decker Out and Saving SportsCenter

Welcome to your Lunchtime Links. We’ll be here every weekday around this time to give you a round-up of links and news to read while you’re grabbing lunch.

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Curse of the Billy Goat may be over. The Chicago Cubs eliminated the San Francisco Giants and head to the NLCS.

Billy Bush: Manspreader

Billy Bush is not having a good week. Sounds like he will be fired from the Today Show by the end of the week. If there is something women hate more than being grabbed by the pu**y it’s a guy that manspreads. Of course, Billy would laugh at this. (HT Towleroad)

Big Dick Decker Out

According to media reports Adam Schefter is reporting that Jets WR Eric “Big Dick” Decker was placed on season ending IR.

Decker’s wife Jessie J Decker famously referred to him as “big dick decker” a few weeks ago while her husband was still playing. I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind seeing his sex tape.

Jason over at The Big Lead is telling Jets fans not to panic… yet.


The NFL Has A Ratings Problem

The NFL is not in a panic either. Ratings for NFL games are down this season. Some are saying it’s because a lot of people are interested in the dumpster fire that is the 2016 election.

From the NY Post:

Over the first five weeks, ratings are down more than 10 percent.

While Fox, CBS, NBC and ESPN, which will pay roughly $40 billion through 2022 to air the games, are not yet panicking, the trend is raising some eyebrows.

Advertisers, hoping to get as many eyeballs as last season, are shelling out up to $700,000 per 30-second spot on some games.

Sling TV, which streams a lot of sports channels, has seen viewership rise thanks to NFL games.

Saving SportsCenter

ESPN is changing up the 6pm version of SportsCenter. I don’t know many people that watch SportsCenter but when I do I end up watching the Scott Van Pelt version of SportsCenter where SVP can show off his personality.

ESPN showed it’s committed to that reform plan Tuesday, when the network announced a makeover for the 6 p.m. edition of “SportsCenter,” signing veteran employees Michael Smith and Jemele Hill to multiyear deals to serve as co-hosts of the prime-time show. Smith and Hill, who have spent three years forging their on-air chemistry as hosts of “His & Hers” on ESPN2, are taking over for anchor Lindsay Czarniak, who is set to go on maternity leave in November.

WATCH: The 5 Hour Work Day

The CEO of this company turned the workday into 5 hours. Sales and productivity went up.


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