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Late Links: Coming Out, Ken Bone, Gay Soccer Referee And Cocaine

Welcome to Late Links. We’ll be giving you some stories to check out before you hit the hay and of course some eye candy. There will probably be some new stuff rolling out soon so make sure to keep checking back.  If you have any ideas on what you’d like to see in Late Links make sure to email me. taft dot jonathan {at} gmail dot com. You can also tweet them at me. Don’t forget to follow JockPop on Twitter.

Only One In The Stall At A Time

Carrie Fisher is going all in on Donald Trump saying he has a cocaine problem he may have been on cocaine during the debates. I mean, we’ve all been there with the sniffles while at tea with friends. We’ve just never had to deal with it in front of a national TV audience.

It would be hilarious if it turns out he was actually on K.

When Calvin Met Jerry

Megatron (AKA Calvin Johnson) got to meet one of his idols, Jerry Rice, while performing on DWTS. Check it out.

Gay Soccer Ref Returns

Spain’s first openly gay soccer referee, Jesus Tomillero, returned to work after quitting in May due to anti-gay harassment from fans. Unfortunately, he immediately began receiving anti-gay threats according to the Guardian.

Bone Meets Bone Bone Off


Sporting News caught up with former Washington State head basketball coach Ken Bone and asked him about presidential debate star Ken Bone. The coach said the internet legend and American hero has changed his life.

“When I went into this business I was hoping the attention would be for winning games, getting an extension on a contract,” the basketball coach said. “You don’t expect some short, chunky guy in a red sweater to change your life for a few days.”

Bone has a career basketball record of 419-276 and was Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson’s college coach.

Gus Kenworthy Talks Coming Out


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