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Tom Brady Caught Naked by Pool

Tom Brady goes ass out for Harambe in Italy. Leave it to the NY Post to get people talking about Tom Brady's taint.

Probably one of the worst times to release naked photos of Tom Brady is on the night of the most anticipated presidential debate since Lincoln-Douglas.

Not exactly the best time to post these paparazzi pics of Tawwwwmy Brady, but hey, you can kind of see his ass. So… yay?

Honestly, I don’t see the point in paying for exclusive photos of Tawwwmy suntanning naked. Hell, I was naked most of the time I was on Fire Island this summer. I’m just happy that the paparazzi didn’t document what I did out there. Yes, he is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Looking at these photos I feel skeezy. I mean, I saw the tweet and was like “Oh, Tom Brady’s ass…I’m gunna check it out” and realized that some photographer is up in a tree trying to get photos, invading his privacy and making a quick buck off of this moment. I still feel skeezy.

Yes, I do enjoy when a locker room camera randomly catches an athlete naked for a split second on a post game show.Then Deadspin tries to figure out whose dong it was. It’s glorious.

Most of the time these guys know that there are cameras there and do it to fuck with people. It’s hilarious. It get’s me to send the link to my friends and be like, “LOOK! This guy’s dick was out on TV! LOLZ.” Would you bang him?

The photos were taken in Italy. They feel like those Kate Middleton photos from a few years ago. “Look her tits!”

When you go to Europe you end up seeing a LOT of naked people by pools and beaches. Most of the time you don’t want to see them naked. But sometimes you are treated to some nice eye candy. It would be one thing is this was a public beach or something but this looks like a secluded, private pool.

Argh… Why am I even posting these…

Ok… that last tweet with pic montage isn’t even an ass pic… it’s a grundle shot.

Leave it to the NY Post to get Tom Brady’s taint into the national conversation. Yes, by talking about this and posting the tweets I realize I am giving the photos more coverage. I also realize I’m giving clicks to those taints “journalists” over at The Post.

Naked photos of a 4-time Super Bowl winning quarterback is big news. I just want to know how ESPN will handle covering these photos? It’s going to be hilarious listening to PTI debate these photos.

What do you think? Should the Post have published these paparazzi pics? Let us know in the comments.

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