‘Will and Grace’ is Back… But As What?

The cast reunited and released a weird teaser trailer. “Make America Bueno Again.”

When the Happy Endings writers teased us with “a new day” I freaked out.

Yesterday we got a bunch of tweets from the cast of “Will and Grace” promising something big…

LOOK! That set looks familiar!

Debra Messing is still upset that “Smash” got canceled.

Karen just came in from having like 12 martini’s at Therapy.


Well, the internet freaked the fuck out. It’s 2016 and TV reboots are all the rage. Gilmore Girls is back on Netflix in November. Hawaii 5-0 has a reboot. There is nothing original out there anymore.

TV Line seems to think that the reunion is some kind of ad in support for Hillary Clinton.

Over the weekend, the quartet — all of whom are vocal HRC supporters — began teasing the sorta-revival on social media, posting a smattering of images (including the one above) of themselves on what appeared to be a recreation of the series’ iconic set. And then on Monday, McCormack unveiled a teaser clip that included the politically-tinged message, “A band of heroes WILL assemble… to protect the world from aliens AND destruction… only an act of GRACE can save them… in their battle for what IS right… only they can bring America BACK from the brink.”

At the end of the video, Mullally’s Karen can be heard declaring, “Make America Bueno Again.”

Dear god if this is a campaign ad I am going to freak out. People are REALLY hoping that this is a reunion special that would just DROP on Netflix with no promotion.

Imagine you log in to Netflix and there are 10 new episodes of Will & Grace just sitting there waiting to be consumed?! It’s all people would talk about for a week.

Me: “Can you BELIEVE Netflix just gave us new episodes of Will & Grace?!”

My probable 22 yr-old Tinder Grindr date: “What is Will & Grace?”

Me: “Get out”

What do you think this reunion is? Let us know in the comments.


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