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Antonio Brown’s Amazing Twerking Celebration Was Expensive

That twerk cost Brown almost $10,000.

NFL commish Roger Goodell (aka Ginger Hammer) is laying the smackdown on a bunch of players for celebrating scores during Week 1.

From USA Today:

Twerking in the end zone comes with a price.

Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown was fined $9,115 for his excessive sexiness Monday night. The dance drew a flag, but didn’t stop the Steelers from rolling 38-16 over the Washington Redskins.

Brown also was fined $6,076 for wearing blue shoes in violation of the league’s uniform code. But it’s the twerk seen around the country that highlighted quite a week in players paying to dance around the NFL.

I mean… c’mon. His twerking skills are some of the best that I have seen. Believe me… I’ve watched a lot of twerking. I don’t see what is wrong with his twerking? You honestly can’t damage the game any more than a bunch of other jagoffs out there who are getting arrested for domestic violence and murder.

The NFL is not only against twerking it’s against any type of celebration.

My future ex-husband, Victor Cruz, scored the game winning touchdown for the New York Giants against the Cowboys last weekend and celebrated with his infamous salsa that he has been doing for years. It was an emotional moment for me as a Giants fan. This was Cruz’s first game since his injury in the 2014 season.

Odell Beckham Jr. got down on one knee (not to protest the national anthem) to take a photo or something and they were both fined $12,154 each. Cruz was fined for something he has done every touchdown he has ever scored in the NFL. That’s bullshit.

What’s even more fucked up is the NFL celebrated his touchdown with a tweet and custom gif OF THE DAMN CELEBRATION.

Yes, celebrations can get out of hand.  Touchdown celebrations could start turning into a flashmob. If that happens I think that EVERYONE should be fined and then disqualified from the game.

I do think that the NFL needs to loosen up and let these guys celebrate a score. It makes great TV and fans love it.





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