Baseball Hot Guys

Let’s Celebrate Twerking!

In honor of Antonio Brown's fine for twerking let's go back and celebrate this college baseball players twerking skills. 🍑

Antonio Brown was fined for his twerking celebration and it reminded me of one of my favorite gifs that I use in group chats almost everyday.

This is John Magnum Mangum.  This former NC State catcher showed off his twerking skills to the world back in 2013 after a teammate posted a Vine of his locker room antics. From there his legend spread like wild fire across gay twitter.

Please stop for a moment and enjoy this video below. I’ll wait. Even though I am sure you’ve seen this on MyVidster a thousand times

The reason I ask you to enjoy the video is because he apparently doesn’t like the attention from his gay fans.  That really doesn’t matter to me. It won’t stop me from appreciating a lot of his tweets. Like this one of a new tattoo.

Or this candid photo of one of his classmates.

It’s very similar to the stealth photos I take on the subway of hot guys and send to friends.

It also won’t stop me from looking at this tweet of him watching college wrestling.

#GoState, indeed.

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