Barb Deserves Her Own ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff

We all love Barb from “Stranger Things.” There have been plenty of people who have written about why gay men seem to LOVE her.

One thing is for certain… Barb deserves her own spinoff. If you haven’t watched the first season of “Stranger Things” stop reading now. Go and watch season 1 and come back. SPOILERS AHEAD.

SpoilerAlertBarb dies in the upside down which is super disappointing. Barb was a fun character and I think she deserves  a spinoff.

What could a possible Barb spinoff look like? I’m glad you asked.

This is a science fiction show so there has GOT to be an alternate universe where the Colts still play in Baltimore, the Seattle Sonics are basically the Lakers and Barb is still alive.

The spinoff has Barb surviving the upside down and moving to New York City to follow her dreams and go to NYU. The show will be shot in Toronto (for tax purposes) and will follow Barb and her gay Puerto Rican best friend, Tony, as they navigate late-80’s/early 90’s New York.

Hilarity and monsters ensue.

You’re welcome, Netflix. You can pay me in Sacajawea’s.

Unfortunately, the actress who played Barb is going to be in the new show Riverdale. We’ll have to recast her for the spinoff series.

For now you’ll just have to enjoy Jimmy Fallon since he gave us a hilarious video last night of “Barb’s” return to “Stranger Things.”

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