Is Tim Tebow A Pitcher Or Catcher?

An investigation into what position Tebow plays on the field.

I don’t know if you’ve heard but totally heterosexual Tim Tebow wants to get back into sports and this time he is trying baseball because… why not?

According to the scouts who were there he was terrible. From Deadspin:

Tim Tebow threw and hit some baseballs in front of 40 MLB scouts yesterday, and didn’t seem to impress too many of them. One scout described him as an“actor trying to portray a baseball player,” and another proclaimed that the former quarterback “has a long way to go.” Most everyone there seemed to agree that Tebow was not very good at throwing the ball, which is maybe the least surprising revelation in history.

Let’s be honest… he looked GOOD out there. I mean look at dat ass.

She’s bulging out of that blouse. LOOK. AT. HER. I don’t care if he makes a team or not. The man is built and I will sit here and appreciate Tim Tebow for how hot he is.

So… the big question… is Tim Tebow a pitcher or a catcher? This was the one question not answered.

On the bright side this little publicity stunt brought Timmy a contract offer to play for the Bridgeport Bluefish.

Have you ever been to Bridgeport? Don’t bother. The place is a wasteland. This is the view from the stadium in Bridgeport.

It’s power lines and a power plant (?)

Listen, Tebow will never play in Bridgeport. But the past 24 hours have been damn good fun. Take a look at his workout below.


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