Cuban Kaz Matsui, with more bad luck?

The onslaught of Cuban talent — Yoni, Fernandez, PUIG! — has left the Los Doyers wanting after signing SS Alexander Guerrero to a multi-year deal, only to watch him lose a MLB roster to Chone Figgins of all people. 

Guerrero, projected to play second base in the majors because of lack of range, is not close to making it back to Los Angeles. 

Life in capitalist USA just got worst. 

Guerrero lost a piece of his ear — think Cactus Jack vs. Vader, in Japan — after getting into a slobberknocker with C Miguel Olivo. 

Olivo once led a MLB team in home runs so, like I’m thinking he’s pretty strong, even though he did it for the Mariners. 

So I get this from the Dodgers:

“The baseball operations department is aware of the altercation and is conducting an investigation into the matter.”

Details remain sketchy. Olivo claims Guerrero attacked him first. Scott Boras says his client is having plastic surgery on his ear right now. 

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