‘How I Met Your Dad’ Pilot Details

How I Met Your Mother has ended and I really want to write out my feelings right now about it but will leave that for a future post. 

Over at The Wrap they have some details about the new show.

  • Right now it’s only in the pilot stage of development. It has not been ordered to a series yet. 
  • Cristin Milioti, aka The Mother, will not be in the show. It’s a brand new cast of characters.
  • There are GAYS in the pilot. 

Also among those cast in “Dad”: Drew Tarver, who was discovered at the CBS Multicultural Sketch Comedy Showcase earlier this year. Tarver will play Todd, Sally’s best friend and college roommate who is now married to her brother. The cast also includes Krysta Rodriguez, “Mixology” actor Andrew Santino and Nick D’Agosto (“Masters of Sex”).

I’m pretty excited for the show. It seems like it has a lot of promise plus you have a fan base already built in. Let’s hope we get to see this on TV soon. 

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