Is Bradley Cooper the next Indiana Jones?


Latino Review has an *exclusive* article up that says Bradley Cooper could possibly be the next Indiana Jones if Harrison Ford is too old to be Indy in the 5th installment of the franchise. 

This isn’t a JJ Abrams “Star Trek” reboot but more of a James Bond situation. 

 George (Lucas) and Spielberg took a little trip to Hawaii in May 1977 during the release of Star Wars. While soaking up the sun and drinking Mojitos on the beach, Spielberg mentioned how much he’d love to direct a James Bond movie.

The man in flannel (Lucas) hit him with an idea he was toying with based upon the cliffhanger adventure serials of the 1930s. Three years later, Spielberg was directing Raiders of The Lost Ark and the rest is history.

Bradley Cooper would be a great Indy. He has that grizzled look and I think he could bring some life into the franchise. But here is the big question… do you ignore the past 4 movies and pretend like they never happened or do you have Indiana Jones in the modern day searching for treasures lost for generations….

It’s an interesting idea. Who do you want to play Indy? 

For now it’s just an idea being thrown around by some people in Hollywood while having drinks at Happy Hour. Let’s hope that Indy 5 is better than Crystal Skull.

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