Anton Hysén Will Have Some Hottie Teammates

As you saw in my Monday Morning Links, Anton Hysén will be playing minor league soccer here in the States with the Myrtle Beach Mutiny.  

“I am excited to be joining the Mutiny this season,” said Hysén. “This is a great opportunity for me on a personal and professional level. I hope I can help take the team to the top of the NPSL.“ (Team Release)

It seems the Mutiny are excited to have him playing in Myrtle Beach.  

“The Mutiny are very excited to have Anton joining us this year,” said Pat Piscitelli, sporting director for the Mutiny. “A player of his caliber, with his international experience, will bring a positive change to the Mutiny. The Myrtle Beach area is in for a real treat with this team and will have the opportunity to see professional soccer played at a very high level.”

Not only will Hysén be a role model for young gay fans who may play soccer. He has a lot of cute teammates he’ll be playing with. 

And by the way… Anton is single and likes ”the rugged type is more (my) speed: “Dark-featured, masculine, tattooed. Steven Gerrard, maybe!”

To all you rugged guys in South Carolina… watch out. 

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