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Outsports: Study: New York fans had most positive reaching to Michael Sam, Titans fans most negative

In order to do this, we collected all tweets mentioning “Michael Sam” in the 31 NFL markets for the past 2 days (2/9 morning – 2/11 morning). The tweets were sorted by market, and analyzed for positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. Looking at the ratio of positive, negative, and neutral tweets allowed us to compare Twitter sentiment for Michael Sam across NFL Markets.

  • What a bunch of idiots… The Red Sox sent a minor league team to play the Marlins in a Spring Training game. 

From the Sun-Sentinel:

The Marlins had no comment, but a source said team executives were “outraged” and planned to contact the league office. A league spokesperson said the matter would be reviewed.

Major League Baseball has specific guidelines about Grapefruit and Cactus League lineups. Its 2014 regulations state teams should field: “A minimum of four players who are regulars on the previous year’s major league team or who were platooned on the previous year’s major league team on a regular basis, or who have a reasonable chance to be regulars on the major league club’s squad during the upcoming season. Each of those regulars, excluding pitchers, must play a minimum of three complete innings.”

Johnny Football can switch from Natty Lite to Moët Chandon because of bubbles… and his multi-year endorsement deal with Nike worth a lot of money. (link)

  • Is this the world’s smartest thermometer?
  • Peeing in the Pool is Gross and May Actually Be Bad For You (link)

  • Former Cowboys coach Wade Phillips trolls current Cowboys coach Jason Garrett on Twitter

  • Bob Costas’ Olympic pink eye from ‘botched Botox’… at least he didn’t contract it from a Russian strip club…  (Page Six)

  • Peacock Block: NBC is telling celebs that if they want to appear on the Tonight Show they have to sign n exclusive deal not to appear on ANY other talk show. (TMZ)

  • A Stubborn NYC Tenant Held Out For An Absolutely Insane Amount Of Money To Finally Leave His Rent-Controlled Apartment. $17 Million (link)

 Not only did t(hey) agree to give Herb Sukenik $17 million cash, they also agreed to let him live in a $2 million apartment on Central Park South where he will pay $1 a month in rent for the rest of his life.

  • Wake up and smell the bacon! Though you won’t have actual bacon waiting for you when you wake up. It’s a tease. (link)

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