Is there a US version of this?!

Men’s Health UK posted a V8 Challenge where you sign up and the mag sends you a daily work out along with supplement suggestions for 8 weeks. 

This year, we kick off the Men’s Health V8 challenge. An eight-week workout programme that, whether you’re a gym veteran or a complete novice, will push you beyond your limits and get you into the shape of your life.

The V is for V-shape – the wide chest and slim waist we promise you’ll earn if you follow the workouts and diet advice we provide. The 8 is both the length of the programme and the number of abs many participants will see by the end of it. This is your target. For the tools that will get you there, sign up for the challenge below.

It started a month ago but it caught my eye when a tweet came across of some damn good results. 

This is what “Chris” looked like at the end of the 8 Week challenge. I’m kind of hoping the US version of the magazine has something like this because it’s almost beach season. 

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