Daily Links are BACK

I’ve been a slacker. Ya know I have a full time job as well as JockPopping for all ya’ll…

  • Sporting KC has some pretty awesome new kits for the upcoming MLS season. 
  • The Bucs over in the NFL, however, do not. 
  • ESPN the Magazine’s Don Van Natta writes The Whistleblower’s Last Stand, an in-depth profile of former Penn State quarterback Mike McQueary, who was a central figure in the Penn State child sex abuse scandal. 

  • The Big Lead asks: “Did ESPN Cross an Ethical Line Outing Mike McQueary as a Child Sexual Abuse Victim?”
  • Michele Beadle is back on SportsNation. All is right with the world. 
  • So THIS happened. (gif courtesy of Out) It needs to keep happening on Season 2… please…. 

I’m not going to post the selfie taken at the Oscars because it’s everywhere. I’m going to post this instead sent to me by a fan. 

For those who know me I got a special kick out of THIS gif from the Looking recap. 

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