TGIF Links

It’s really fucking cold out. Let’s move on with the links.

Wrigley Field is 100 Years Old. Congrats Cubs fans. You have a new mascot and a really old ballpark… and that’s about it. Oh, Boystown is right there. I guess if the Cubs suck you can always go to SteamWorks to “blow off some steam”… 

Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley Share Selfies, Flirt on Twitter

Great catch by Stacy Lambe. The couple pretty much confirmed that they were dating on Instagram. They look adorable. Stacy’s best line in the article is, “Throwback Thursdays just became the new way to sext publicly”

NBC gave Rob Lowe a new show that he will end up leaving after about 3 seasons because that’s what Rob Lowe does. He will be playing a former tennis star… 

Colin Jost will take Seth Meyers’ place at the “Weekend Update” desk for “Saturday Night Live” when Meyers leaves the show to begin hosting “Late Night.”

German Olympians will wear rainbow-colored uniforms in Sochi

Likely-to-be-former Michigan State committed quarterback Jayru Campbell body-slammed a security guard at his high school on Wednesday afternoon. The sound of the guard hitting the ground is seriously disturbing.

Apparently I shouldn’t be complaining about the cold. Keeping a room colder could help you lose weight in the long run. 

 By keeping the room a little cooler, your body has to use more calories to maintain a toasty 98.6.

“In the long term, that can have an effect on your energy balance and body weight,” van Marken Lichtenbelt tells Shots. He and his colleagues outline the evidence for the idea in a commentary publishedWednesday in Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism.

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