“Looking” Ahead

You’ve read reviews and previews of HBOs new show Looking by now. It’s had glowing reviews the last few weeks. While I thought this was going to be a review of the show it’s more of a hopeful look ahead of what the show can be for gay men. 

One of the characters I relate to the most on the show is Patrick who is played by Jonathan Groff. You learn that he has had a lot of failed dates. He over thinks everything on his OK Cupid profile. He goes on a date with a cute doctor and just says all the wrong things. Talking about cruising in the park with your friends? C’mon man. 

We’ve all been there. Had a few drinks on dates and revealed a lot more than you should have. I was on a date with a guy and I knew that everything was going wrong. I wasn’t into him. He wasn’t into me. It was just awkward. So what did I do… I started talking about bad dates. 

So why is this show good for gay men?

Some reviewers of the show found it boring. Yes, it felt like I was watching my friends lives happen right before my eyes while on my couch but I think that is what is appealing about the show. 

I was happy that it was not the gay version of “Girls”. I’m happy there wasn’t an EDM soundtrack pumping below. These guys are “normal” people. A few have found love, one is looking for love and the other is looking for a hot blonde to bang. 

To those who were disappointed by it I hope you keep watching. I am assured it get’s better. (pun intended)

I’m looking ahead and hope that the show starts to feel more like Weekend but on a grander scale. 

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