Thursday Morning Links

  • The man who was convicted of killing former Redskins player Sean Taylor, 23-year-old Eric Rivera Jr. will be sentenced today in a Miami court. (Miami Herald)
  • A guy who is really good at math hacked OK Cupid to find true love. So what you’re saying is there is still a chance for me… I just need to hack the planet with two computers oh and study computer science. (Wired)
  • How to Survive the Porn Industry if you decide to become a porn actor. Wish my ex-boyfriend would have seen this before he did his Sean Cody videos. 

Apparently I’m on this dating website and app kick… 

He apparently likes to be shirtless… a lot. 

If I ever get around to it I’ll post my feelings about “Looking” sometime today but a few people on the web find it boring. 

It’s not gay enough- Vanity Fair

Why is Looking so boring? – Slate

The Outs is much wittier than Looking, by the way.” – Rich at Gawker


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