Grantland and Bill Simmons apologize.

It’s my site and anything this significant is my call. Blame me. I didn’t ask the biggest and most important question before we ran it — that’s my fault and only my fault.


To my infinite regret, we never asked anyone knowledgeable enough about transgender issues to help us either (a) improve the piece, or (b) realize that we shouldn’t run it. That’s our mistake — and really, my mistake, since it’s my site. So I want to apologize. I failed

Above are two quotes from Bill Simmons in his lengthy apology on the “Dr. V" mess Grantland created. 

Simmons takes the blame, as he should, as Editor in chief. There’s a breakdown in the system at ESPN when it comes to LGBT issues. I don’t think the many members of "The Boy’s Club” ESPN management think about some stories from an LGBT view. Yes, there are many staffers with ESPN who are gay. I just think people in management at ESPN are too focused on the hyper masculine male watching their programming to stop and think about how a story or phrase used in programming might be perceived by the LGBT community. 

Simmons is a very humble guy. He was very humbled back in 2008 and 2012 when the Patriots lost the Super Bowl. He let the haters in but spoke about the game with mostly grace. 

Unfortunately it took the death of a human being to be a learning experience for a fantastic website. Grantland will survive, learn from this mistake and do better work in the future. 

That may just be me being optimistic but I really hope that this wake up call changes the culture at Grantland and over to ESPN as well. 

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