Last Week in LGBT Hate

Did anyone notice that there was a LOT of LGBT hate last week? You can say whatever you want in ‘Murica and be proud of it but just remember… a lot of gays work in the media and if you say something that will piss them off you will know about it. 

Let’s start with some Trans hate… 

ESPN issued a statement Sunday in response to continued controversy and criticism over a Jan. 15 Grantland article about a transgender physicist and golf club inventor.

The story in question, “Dr. V’s Magical Putter,” profiled Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt, the inventor of the Oracle GXI smart putter club — and ultimately outed Vanderbilt as a transgender woman, against her wishes. At the end of the piece, author Caleb Hannan wrote that Vanderbilt killed herself.

This story has been covered a lot by mainstream media and a lot of the gay websites out there that cover LGBT issues. Cyd over at Outsports has a fantastic write up about the whole situation. 

What surprises me is that stories like this go through editors. None of the editors at Grantland or ESPN read this and thought… wait a second this story just went off the rails. 

One Direction hottie  Liam Payne Supports Duck Dynasty in Controversial Tweet

He got a LOT of backlash from fans and of course Tweeted like crazy after his initial tweet. I guess this just takes some heat off of Larry Stylinson. 

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