Championship Monday Morning Links

The sad part about today is that there is only one game left this season. I no longer have an excuse for laying on my couch all Sunday and doing nothing anymore. 

I’m excited for the game. I’m obviously rooting for Eli’s brother. 

Super Bowl Bukkake Links


  • Broncos face the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. You must have been in a coma if you didn’t know that. 
  • 2 years ago Eli Manning won the Super Bowl in Peyton’s Palace in Indy. Now, big bro can try and win his 2nd Super Bowl title on Eli’s home field. 
  • If you’re coming to NYC the NFL Experience is set up as “Super Bowl Blvd” Clogging traffic in Manhattan for the next 2-3 weeks. 
  • Richard Sherman goes off on a rant with Erin Andrews after the game.

Sherman (angry): Don’t you ever talk about me!

Andrews: Who was talking about you?

Sherman (screaming): Crabtree. 


It’s not that I hate all the sports teams in Boston but Brady played like absolute garbage. It also didn’t help that the Pats defense could not stop Manning from just dominating them. 


I’ve actually yelled “OMAHA!” many times at MSG during Rangers games. If I were there I would have been that drunk idiot. 

  • ESPN has already started using Nate Silver to give you a day by day forecast of what the weather *might* be like on Super Bowl Sunday. The video is pretty hilarious. Nate Silver has predicted the US Election and if he can predict the weather 2 weeks from now using his formula… watch out.
  • Roger Goodell to sit outside at Super Bowl. The Ginger Hammer told reporters that football is a game meant to be played in the elements, and that’s exactly where he’ll sit.

The NY Daily News has a gallery of players holding up faux covers that say “NEW YORK HERE WE COME.” I still can’t believe that the Super Bowl is going to be played here. 

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