@TheBigLead – CBS Discussing Potentially Major Changes to NFL Pregame Show

Jason McIntyre over at The Big Lead has story that CBS Sports is looking to shake up it’s NFL pregame show. I know what you’re thinking… “CBS has a pre-game show?”

CBS, disappointed that its NFL pregame show fell further behind rival Fox in the ratings this season, is internally discussing major changes to the show, multiple sources tell The Big Lead. FOX NFL Sunday had its best season ever, averaging 4.8 million viewers in 2013, while The NFL Today on CBS was a distant 2nd at 3.3 million viewers.

There are so many options for NFL pregame. ESPN’s Countdown starts at 5am 9am with SportsCenter, NFL Network starts at 7am… I won’t even get into the other cable outlets… there are so many options out there. The big 3 are ESPN, Fox and CBS. 

If I were CBS I’d blow it all up and do something edgy. Fox tried to travel to a big game every week like Gameday does. Do you shoot for a younger audience? Do you try and do it from a studio like the TODAY show with fans outside? 

They will end up replacing talent and probably get the same results until Rex Ryan is fired from the Jets and he’s swearing up a storm next to Cowher who is just waiting for Coughlin to retire. 

What would you do to the CBS pregame show?

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