The Ultimate Gym Playlist… That Gets Results.

So how is your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym going? Well, if you need some motivation to kick your ass in high gear there’s a music playlist that is scientifically proven to kick your ass in the gym and make sure you’re ready to rock a tank top to a Sunday Funday outdoor brunch. Seriously.

I feel like I am writing a page out of Men’s Health right now but this is SCIENCE guys. SCIENCE!

Sport psychologists in the UK analyzed the most popular workout playlists and songs on Spotify. They compared the beats per minute across various tracks and genres and found Rap and hip-hop music provides the best beats for stretching and running and that dance music is better for strength training.

I feel like that this is kind of a no brainer but these researchers say that if you’re listening to the wrong kind of music during your workout you could be hurting your performance at the gym.

Below is what they call the ULTIMATE workout playlist right now. What do you think of the playlist? 

I happen to like DJ DrewG’s Dirty Pop podcast. It’s pretty awesome. Most of them are over an hour so it’s really good for when you’re on a cardio kick and just wanna jam out with some pop songs mashed up. The guy obviously know’s what he’s doing take a look at him below. 

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