I Love Blind Items

My first job I ever had I worked with this girl who was OBSESSED with television and Hollywood gossip. She introduced me to Ted Casablanca and his “Blind Vice’s” that used to run on EOnline. All of those went away when Ted kind-of sort-of outed a certain celebrity by accident. It happens.

A site that I am obsessed with is Crazy Days and Nights.  It’s written by an Entertainment Lawyer who refers to themselves as “Enty”. Every so often Enty likes to reveal some of the past blind items they have posted in the past… sometimes it’s random but other times it’s because a story that was one blind has now gone mainstream. Enty has a policy where they won’t “out” someone… unlike a certain former MSNBC anchor

Anyway… here is the item an item from the past week that was revealed that I thought was interesting… 

Blind Items Revealed

Posted August 9, 2013

This C+ list mostly television actor who was on a very very hit network show until recently will probably drop down to D really quickly. He could barely hang on to B- while being on the show. Anyway, one of the reasons he was let go was his constant fighting with one of his co-stars. The reason? The better looking and nicer co-star once had sex with one of the more outgoing members of the cast who now has a serious boyfriend. The one who was let go thinks the woman was stolen from him. Not true at all, but that is how his crazy mind works and why he will probably do a lot of jail time in the future. This will be revealed.

Find out who after the jump… 

Mark Salling

Chord Overstreet

Naya Rivera

I was kind of hoping that Mark was banging Chord and we would get some kind of XTube video out of it but, hey, some juicy celebrity gossip with some skin to go with it. 

Do you guys like these kinds of posts? Tell me. 

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