Friday Morning Links

In case you were busy on Grindr during the start of the blizzard:

Oklahoma beat 2-time defending champion Alabama 45-31. Alabama Golden Boy Quarterback AJ McCarron threw two interceptions in the game leading ESPN to cut to his girlfriend in the stands. Shocked.

GIF via SB Nation

GIF via SB Nation

Here’s AJ without his shirt on. Hope you’re into tats.

Jay Cutler and the Bears agreed to a 7 year contract where he will get paid over $17 Million a year. The Bears went 8-8 (ESPN Chicago)

He’s also married to a former cast member of The Hills. So there ya go. Have fun Chicago. At least you have the Cubs. Blackhawks

In other news: There is a guy who has two functioning dicks who is in a relationship with both a man and a woman. (Jezebel)

Warren Sapp is throwing shade at Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith for some reason… it is pretty hilarious that the Daily News used the same headline twice for those two…


In more Jets QB news, Geno Smith has been sexting with a woman who is not his girlfriend. (NYDN) Dong Shot via Deadspin

The Green Bay Packers have not sold out their playoff game against the 49ers. The last time the Packers did not sell a game out was 1983. This may be one of my fondest memories of the Packers the last time they hosted a playoff game.

Top 10 Marijuana Myths and Facts (Rolling Stone)

Stuck inside (possibly smoking the above) and want to binge watch some TV shows… here’s how long it will take for you to finish the series.

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